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About Us


Who are we?

Square One is a production company specialising in the creation of live music videos. We pride ourselves on delivering the best quality audio and video in any environment, personally tailored to the individual style and preference of each artist. All members of the Square One team have a passion or music with combined backgrounds in studio production, live sound engineering, festival photography, documentaries and animation to name a few.

What do we do?

Square One’s purpose is to capture songs in their purest form by recording truly live performances. This may mean setting up a performance space the same way you would a rehearsal room, preparing a comfortable headphone mix, or stripping back the arrangement entirely. The format that best suits the music and the performers is the format we pursue.

All of our work is collaborative and we always spend time understanding the music and vision of every artist we work with, as well as their ambitions and the intended use of any videos created. Our videos can be used for a variety of purposes such as; promoting an upcoming release or event, boosting audience engagement, or showcasing music to promotors. We recognise that everyone’s different and offer two main services to cater to the unique needs of each artist:

Square One Sessions & Square One Live


Where do we Film?

We love finding new spaces for our sessions and also have a links with a number of great locations available to hire. If you have a venue in mind for your session or live show we’ll make sure everything’s is in place so that you can focus on your music. With our fully mobile recording & filming setup we’re able to capture live performances in any location or venue. Whether you want to record a session in your local laundrette or a live show at your favourite venue, we’ve got you covered.


Square One Sessions


In our ‘Square One Sessions’ we record artists performing their music live in unique locations. Our aim in these sessions is to create a relaxed environment that facilitates natural performances, bringing out the element of music that can sometimes be lost in studio recordings.


We don’t believe a good performance can be rushed or forced. For this reason we always take however long’s needed to make sure everyone in the session is comfortable with their personal setup, monitor mix, and the environment itself. Each situation will have it’s own limitations, both in terms of lighting and acoustics. Although these can generally be overcome or incorporated into a session, we always strive to prioritise artist comfort over technical limitations.

Our mobile recording setup allows for multi-camera filming and 32 channel audio recording. While these sessions do give us the flexibility to incorporate multiple video takes in the same video, we don’t believe in overdubs or autotune. Every video is centred around the chosen continuous performance of a song.


Square One Live


In our ‘Square One Live’ videos we capture artists performing at live music venues and events. We work closely with each venue to ensure the best possible quality audio and video can be captured without distracting artists from the performance in hand.


Our videographers use a combination of DSLR and compact cameras, allowing the audience to enjoy the show without obstructions. Additional lighting can be provided however we aim to work with the in-house lighting rig where possible.

To give us maximum control over the audio we employ a selection of additional microphones during any live show recording. This includes individually miking each sound source as well as placing a number of ambient microphones in the venue. This allows us to create a controlled mix in post-production that still retains the natural characteristic of the venue.